MK – Ultra and its history

MK – Ultra and its history

The story is similar to the conquest of the human mind, including the mind, the level of consciousness, seized by evil forces under the auspices of Satan.

MK refers to Mind Control – methods in the “traditional sense”, whereas with MK – Ultra’s advanced application options are meant, such as the targeted use of people as a killer – puppets (programming of a person) or mass programming, a secret CIA – Project the from 1953 up to the 70 – it lasted years.

MK stands for mind control, it was deliberately misspelled and is composed MK – ULTRA as much as absolute mind control.



Reconstruction of the history of MK – Ultra:

The research was limited to the Third Reich attempted to develop drugs that make a person, to answer all questions truthfully, so-called truth drugs not only on the paths of electromagnetic interference and psychological human brain functions, but also chemists.

The initiator Sigmund Rascher (KZ – Doctor in Dachau), started out with “great regret” that there’s still no experiments could be done with human material. Nine months later ä ter began corresponding experiments and other concentration camps – Ä doctors now also called for such “optimal research conditions” that existed from it, torturing prisoners against their will and without Stick ä control (including death). With psychotropic as mescaline (cactus), the first impact on the human will were tested (= start of the experiments before drug LSD invented by Dr. Hoffmann by the cereal disease ergot).
So historically, it started about ä ü defense counsel Nazi doctors (Dr. Mengele than a concentration camp – doctor among many), and subsequently – due to the large ß s interest in the documents of the N ü rnberger processes – including the U.S. in the wake the Paperclip – Project, from (infiltrated) Nazi scientists (127 in total) consisted exclusively ß Lich speak and represents the continuation of the Nazi ambitions:

It received impetus own research at Camp Detrick through discovery and survey of German physicians and scientists (end of the 2nd World War). 1945, during the liberation of Dachau concentration camp by the Americans, some found this Überlebende that of gruesome experiments on concentration camp by the Häftlingen – doctors reported. The same reports also came across the camp at Buchenwald, Auschwitz, Mauthausen, Neuengamme, etc. It was mostly to experiment with drugs, pathogens and toxins. Suddenly, the Americans very interested inspires this so-called doctors and scientists, and shortly thereafter was under the codename “Operation Dustwind” in the near of Frankfurt, at Castle Crane Mountain, the scientific elite of Nazi Germany collected, “imprisoned” and thoroughly interrogated by American officers. The purpose of the campaign was the collection and analysis of research results of the German scientists during the camp – tests were collected.

Even before the war, the military command of the United States planned the operation “Overcast” by German scientists, researchers and engineers find was made ​​after the war in order to benefit from their knowledge and their research. The interest was also on the British and Russians. We are talking about human experiments and brainwashing, with the aim of attacking the spirit of a people and to destroy, to erfoltern statements to bring people under control, and ultimately – to produce killer who kill a button and sabotage – – in its most perverse form of operations perform without conscious knowledge or control over (used for terrorism and assassination, example: the programmed assassin of John Lennon).

President Truman announced in July 1945 the green light for Operation Paperclip, which within 2 years about 600 (of 9000) German scientist, partly those concentration camps – were flown in doctors, human trials conducted in the U.S. to there new jobs ( research) in the U.S. – to receive military. As part of this collection many German scientists have had no fears of being accused at the Nuremberg trials, they practiced until they board their careers unpunished, had to die in agony for countless people.


As Operation Paperclip ended in 1947, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the foreign intelligence service of the United States, founded. Thus began a dangerous development, which made ​​room for continued human experimentation under the pretext of the Cold War. So it came in 1949 to Operation BLUEBIRD, which was renamed after about two years in ARTICHOKE.
During the operation Overcast they took on the elite of the castle hill crane NS – fixed scientists and interrogated them. This included KZ – doctors, like Kurt Blome. It was learned from the experiments and the development of human B – weapons, what you wanted to do to benefit.
Kurt Blome was taken into the service of the CIA and acquitted at the Nuremberg trials, despite the public commitment to Nazism and Adolf Hitler. In the course of the operation Artichoke Frank Olson developed the bio-weapon anthrax (anthrax), using the knowledge of Blome and others, which was later tested with weapons experiments (Alaska / Caribbean). They even carried out experiments with Bacillus – Spurs in the bay of San Francisco through to find out how pathogens would at a Russian attack on the United States, spread.
The ABC – Weapons – Development (germ warfare) was part of Operation ARTICHOKE, but that was not all. It followed up on the mescaline – to doctors and examined the effect of drugs, hypnosis and torture of prisoners – the concentration camp experiments.
1952 we took the villa Schuster in Kronberg im Taunus and converted them to the research station. In it you held important prisoners, such as Russian agents that should be associated with torture to speak. These were clear to experiments on mind control. Kurt Blome was a regular guest at the villa in which you have conducted the interrogations with the help of drugs, hypnosis and torture techniques. Those reported shortly before Frank Olson’s mysterious death confidant of what happened in the villa. He was horrified and told how people were tortured to death.

The precursor of MK – Ultra: Operation Artichoke – The CIA’s secret experiments on humans

That we know today of the ARTICHOKE project, we thank Frank Olson, who wanted to get out of his experiences during the collaboration on ARTICHOKE, from the CIA and later died of a mysterious death.
His death was portrayed as a suicide, what would years later turn out to be a lie. Frank Olson’s son was responsible for the exhumation of the corpse, because he did not believe that his father killed himself (an autopsy showed: Olson was already depressed before his fall from the 13th floor).

A motive could be that you einstufte Olson as a security risk. Through his involvement in the ARTICHOKE project, many feared that he would deal after leaving to indignant with the information about the production of biological and chemical weapons (Korean War) and the human experiments.
The operation artichoke was the code name for an extensive research program of secret CIA about the possibilities of mind control. At the beginning and during the Cold War, the Americans and Soviets tried Nazi – knowledge by administering drugs (LSD, marijuana, heroin), but also with torture and hypnosis to use in interrogations of detainees. Some of these interrogations ended with the death of the prisoner. Another object of investigation were the possibilities of the use as a B – or C – weapons. In 1952 for the first time on behalf of the CIA, at the Villa Schuster in Kronberg im Taunus (today Waldhof), interrogation of prisoners conducted in which torture, drugs and hypnosis were used. Records show that Russian agents were administered funds (brainwashing) to get such information.


The trained killer – intelligence and brainwashing
MK ULTRA – behind this name hides the decades-long attempt by the CIA to make people mindless beings. In the early 50 – ies (during the Korean War) the CIA had their massive research psychologists and psychiatrists in this area and experiment – even on Menschen.1953 Sidney Gottlieb started doing research on the changing consciousness of the people on behalf of the CIA. The code name of this program was called “MK ULTRA” and was the scientific director Dr. Ewan Cameron conducted (Total: Dr. Sydney Gottlieb).

There was the suspicion that the Soviets had developed in the field of brainwashing a head start. Television images of American prisoners who advertise thrilled to North Korea, the peaks of American intelligence have startled. Large sums of money to a psychological expert team in Canada should make up for this deficit again. In the basement of Allan Memorial Hospital in Montreal Dr. Ewen Cameron had built his chambers of horror. Here, the effects of electric shocks, sleep deprivation and drugs on the human personality have been proven for years on the living object. Parallel to this was the British secret service MI5 / 6 MI perform similar experiments. Beyond as part of the Atlantic remained from the income, but the impact on victims were cruel. According to information from the Irish intelligence expert Gordon Thomas human guinea pigs were even in the U.S. – recruited American occupation zone. From the mid 70 – ies the objective of the program is changed: The purpose of MK Ultra, it now was to train killer on behalf of the government (information from circles of Carter – Administration). The White House was allowed Although always keep up to date, but only learned from Langley about the bare essentials. It is estimated that the CIA has only 10 percent of their MK – set open files – ULTRA.

The final product: The candidate Mansurische (Reprogrammed human and killer)
During the experiments, it turned out that one can attain and exercise on consciousness of an individual with the help of torture, drugs and hypnosis techniques of control. The victim is in deep hypnosis (with analog frequency) were added and systematically reprogrammed in a period of so-called dressage. This is achieved by cleaving the personality of the victim and build a new personality, which under the rule of the hypnotic subject is perfect (ratio = Black Mage – students). Through this technique, one is to create a second personality in a position that completely unnoticed – even by the victim himself – lies in the psyche and can be brought into action with the help of a stimulus (trigger signal), to which she and involuntarily to the commands programming of Dresseurs enters and hears – forced by torture to kill.
Secret document of the CIA (1953, Project ARTICHOKE), later released and taken by Colin Ross publicized:
“The subjects have clearly demonstrated in all these cases is that they can switch controlled from a fully awake state to a deep H (hypnosis) state – and by telephone, through a very subtle signal that can not be discovered by other people in the room and without that the other individual is able to notice the change It was clearly shown that individuals can be performed in H means:.. Telephone, receiving written material, use of code words or signals, the control of the hypnotized. can be passed from one individual to another without difficulty. was proved also by the experiment with these girls that they can be used as unwilling couriers for information transmission and that the change in personality can be conditioned to a point where they even the test using a lie detector consists “(Ross 2000b: 308).

The perfect assassin ä th: white before and after the fact, nothing ß. The programmed actions are triggered by so-called “trigger” ö st (eg number codes) that you unconsciously verbally obtained ä lt, then a specific activity auszuf T ä ü lead.

The perfect Courier: courier W ä during the transition ß he knows nothing, can not tell. At the finish he berbringt above the message again by “triggers”, and unconsciously dependent ö rsicher. In conjunction with the HAARP – Project k ö ö V you might as whole peoples, if not the world, found make u dependent. Thus h ä ä Fruits kill the Regierungsm a scenario like in George Orwell’s novel 1984.

Here is the terrifying film of a girl that was filed by his own father at 4 years for the “program” and was formed with 6 years for sniper:


The result: MK – ULTRA, a successor project of projects Bluebird and Artichoke. Venue: USA, but also in Europe and in Canada.
In April 1953 was MK – ULTRA, called the direct successor of ARTICKOKE to life. Again under the pretext of the Soviet threat, which was used for decades as a means of crowd control and for military development.
When, after the Korean War, the American prisoners of war were released, who accused the military, B – to have used weapons, the CIA stated, these soldiers have become victims of brainwashing in prison. By that reasoning, it legitimized the operation, which included about 150 individual Unterpojekte. Including at least 20 people with 19 experiments and other projects without the victim ever knowing that they were abused as guinea pigs in secret experiments.
You still experimenting with drugs, such as LSD and mescaline, toxins, chemicals, hypnosis, electric shock, gas, pathogens, artificial concussions, surgery, brain implants and much more.
The ultimate goal was according to the CIA:
“Prediction, management and control of human behavior”

First, these techniques should be applied to their own prisoners of war, but also to foreign heads of state, for the purpose of reprogramming for their own benefit, but also to civilians, to create voluntary amateur hitman.
MK – ULTRA is only a generic term for far 149 have become known individual projects, of which at 14 safe human experiments were conducted were performed at 6 further experiments on unwitting people and 19 more that might included human trials Proven suffering victims of the project, often for life to physical. and psychological damage, some died. Added by the CIA: It also found abductions take place in order to perform tests on the victims! In addition, the project also known instances of child abuse.
Former German concentration camp – doctors who were responsible for cruel human experiments were allowed to continue their interrupted by the war, experiments in the MK ULTRA project, such as Dr. Samuel Rascher, Professor Kurt Blome and Dr. Walter Paul Schreiber.
Most of the human experiments were conducted on unsuspecting people who do not know that they for the MK – ULTRA project were abused, let alone with their consent. So at hospitals and psychiatric hospitals experiments were carried out on innocent civilians and children. In addition to an efficient use truth serum, sought to perfect methods to break the will and the mind of a man, and even to split the personality and reprogram ultimately even to create a trained killer.

There was paid doctors and institutions were involved in the project and conducted the relevant research in the CIA. Including 44 universities, 12 hospitals, prisons and 15 3 unknown devices.


Whether this is all true, is not certain, because 90% of the official documents were destroyed prior to a reconnaissance in 1972 by Richard Helms, however, there is still plenty of material that illustrates what it has traded in the project. It is assumed out that projects like MK – ULTRA and MK – SEARCH (new name from 1964), continues to date source. Infokrieger23

Statements of programming victims of MK – ULTRA:

Synchronous to the situation in Russia

In parallel, also in Russia (since the October Revolution is nothing but an Illuminati – colony), a strikingly similar trend.


A brief summary of the movie about the mind control – Victims of the Red Tsar (Communists). Psychotronic The processing of the soul, by Prof. Igor Smirnov “Encrypted messages in movies seep into the brain a”.
Accordance with his instructions, there are thousands of victims through experiments – in Moscow alone.

Beginning of the film we see a machine in a lab AL 015 T, which supposedly corrects the bio-field of man and, according to assistant even “cures” – with beams and an information liquid.

But it is equally possible the rays as a weapon.

Training of healthy soldiers with suggestive formulas for St ä REINFORCEMENT of will and power.

Rehabilitation in containers (= biomanueller treatment room) f o r soldiers under extreme combat conditions.

Subconscious mind and soul graphed (patent Smirnov) and corrected by a computer program.

Suggestion formulas (sublime inspiration) k ö but can also remotely into low Ger ä noises (eg Telefonh ö rer) are mounted inside.

Words are then converted to non-perceivable form by computer, to which this device from the receiver usch ä ä nger – is decoded brain. The same principle is applicable, according to Prof. Smirnov on music, radio and TV.

NWO – Embassies in video games:

The penetration of the soul is that it is possible by technical means in each network computer (or TV)

– Without a cable to be cut – on, in that the shafts (Trägerfequenz via ether) can be overlaid with suggestions.

Among drug addicts the instructions in the sound of the heartbeat are encoded into the pulse increases, the gap in the subconscious mind is filled with positives. Just as it is, according to Prof. Smirnov but also in evil possible.

Anatoly Iwanyisch, a victim of the Stalinist camps from the 50 – ies (Nov 54) and is now an expert on the protection against psychotronic, was imprisoned in a cell in a warehouse by the KGB and monitored according to his information with noises and hallucinations.

Psychotronic generators, which are used as weapons, can also disrupt electrical functions (choose correct incorrect addresses phone numbers) to be connected to the telephone network and TV – connect power and can only be rendered harmless with filters against these low-frequency waves.

Among other things to the next room of party leader Yeltsin a lot of psychotronic devices have been and after meticulous investigations were also found in the walls of antennas (statement of the chief bodyguard, 1991)
Psychotronic means the manipulation of the spiritual soul of the distance from (hair loss possible).

1 malaise (estate of body functions)

2 Loss of the logic

3 Loss of r ä umlichen orientation

4 loss of consciousness and even death

As early as 1801 there was the first psychotronic devices ä t, much to the statements of a former KGB – H ä ftlings.

Evidence (Svali honor and CIA – Documents)

The Illuminati – How the cult programs people

Download pdf Adobe Acrobat Document [228.0 KB] :   Svali – The Illuminati, he’s programmed the cult – victims of certain activities within the cult. Through the traumatic experiences during programming and by the abuse victims split in early childhood from multiple personalities to psychologically protect themselves against the attacks. By doubts regarding the meaning of the cult, she managed to break free from the cult and to de – program.

CIA – Dokumnente,



Basic knowledge

Charles Darwin developed his theories on evolution and absorbed the ideas of Malthus. The philosophical concept is that the value of people is determined by its genetic origin. The effect of this theory is to divert attention from the divine origin of man (man as a product of monkeys). Later “thinkers” in psychology and psychiatry, as Wundt, Pavlov, etc., to “prove” the basis of experiments with rats and dogs that people just conditionable stimulus – response mechanism.

It is simply denied its spiritual origin (Bernhard Schreiber, The Men Behind Hitler).


Manipulation of consciousness today and tomorrow

Experts are sure, in other countries there has been such experiments and they are probably still today.
That is probably an understatement, because all these assassins of underpants – Bomber (foiled plane attack) to Sirhan Sirhan, by Anders Breivik (rampage Norway) on 9/11 to Fritz Leibacher (shot assassin in Swiss Parliament), are wholly products of the intelligence , secret police and military in the service of the Satanic New World Order. System and also opponents and critics are silenced and prevented from organizing themselves effectively. Internet sites will be blocked and mass arrests are held (USA: about 10 000 NWO – opponents arrested)  

Sirhan Bishara Sirhan is still blamed on 4 June 1968 to have the presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy shot. Sirhan testified in court that he had come back to consciousness only a few minutes after the attack, when he was arrested. Sirhan himself claims to date to have been under hypnosis, so that his mind, the threshold to commit a murder and stop any memory has been completely erased. Link:

Mind control is based today’s mass control. Humanity is thus electronically, medially and biochemically manipulated to put a quiet, mindless and remote workers – and consumer – have become Skalvenherde that tolerates any crime against humanity and the earth and not be able to see through all the deception.
Source: Dänels little side note

The architects of Control – Mass Control and the Future of Humanity documentary:
Michael Tsarion – Mass Control & Future of Mankind:

In this documentary, Michael Tsarion illuminates the methods of crowd control, of religions, cults, secret services and other organizations. He can not be out of the question, to what extent we are even willing to accept these lies and brainwashing programs. He raises the question of the authentic Manchurian canditates (programmed assassin) as Jim Jones (cult leader / mass suicide) or Sirhan Sirhan, etc., which lead to a hand from the background point.

The real war is the war on consciousness.

Source: New Lebensbaum.blogspot

“The fascist society of the future of the health welfare organizations at the local level through the use of psychiatric masses – realized treatment of the population, regardless of whether the victim wants it or not.” Posted by John Rawlings Rees – CIA agent, founder of the World Federation for Mental Health in the 40 – ies. (Journal CODE Dez.1983) Source:. www.freezone


Bilderbergers – Document, 1954

The “silent war” was quietly by the “international elite” (meaning the Bilderbergers are) declared at a meeting in 1954.

Head of the document: Top Secret, Silent weapons for quiet war – An introductory programming – Guidance (from: Operations Research, Technical Manual, TM – SW7905.1). The document describes this as the doctrine, which was adopted by the Policy Committee (Committee) of the Bilderberg Group during their first meeting in 1954.

Summary: It is a war against the world’s population with the aim of social control. It should be noted that this document of the population must remain hidden, as it could otherwise be recognized as a formal declaration of war.

“The solution of today’s problems requires an approach which is ruthlessly candid, without having to agonize with respect to religions, moral or cultural values.”

Historically comes from the “silent weapons – technology.” World War II “It was soon recognized by the people in positions of power that the same methods for total control of the Company could be useful but there were better ways necessary..”

A document dated May 1979 refers to the 25 Anniversary of the Third World War. It is called the silent war – a war that is fought with subjective biological warfare.


Sick machines

The CIA controls the most important universities and research institutes in the United States. A number of projects were started or continued. Your goal is to develop mind control weapons. Leading psychiatrists of the American nation were ordered to procure a “people-making machine” technology. Its circumference is the population over time is known, however, without causing consequences. A secret government is just secret. You may not even be deselected. It does not matter who is officially in power – the elected government (at least in the U.S.) should probably be considered a sham.

There were several secret projects. Operation Paperclip evolved into a series of CIA – projects that unsuspecting civilians used as guinea pigs, including Bluebird, Artichoke, MK Ultra, Midnight Climax and others. (Broward, Sutton, Bearden, The Invisible War, VAP Verlag Wiesbaden)

Main object of all known publications of Rees, was the use of psychiatry as a weapon for the ruling class. Founded in 1948, the World Federation for Mental Health included in the 165 member associations in 63 countries around the world in 1974.

To the fact that America was the greatest arena for the transformation of society, must not be specially mentioned. The problem of mental health claimed at the state level from year to year an increasingly important place on the agenda of the annual meeting Governor. Representatives of the psychiatric faculty led to statistical evidence to show that the mental suffering, the national health problem number one is that every other bed was occupied in the hospitals of the country with a mentally ill patients and that about one in nine people with at some point in his life could expect a mental breakdown. Apart from a handful of Catholic and Protestant practitioners, consists in this profession almost general consensus that religion exerts a detrimental effect on mental health. This implacable hostility to religion has led to many attacks, even on the person of Jesus Christ, have declared the leading psychopathologists insane.

Characteristic of this diagnosis is the finding of an American psychiatrist: “Everything we know about him (Jesus Christ) is true, so complete with the image of persecution madness agreed that it is hard to understand how people can make the diagnosis in question.”

(O. Garrison, The Hidden Story of Scientology)


Projects – I rule over the

From the beginning, the methods were always evolving, made ​​possible by the close collaboration technology (frequency generation), Psychology (Tavistock accumulated knowledge, experiments on thousands of kidnap victims worldwide) and Satanism (magic, rituals, human degradation).

Mental methods

Excerpt from the book
Enslaved brains, mind control and influencing behavior by Heiner Gehring:

The Bluebird – project was later changed to Artichoke, then the MK – Ultra – project.
Responsible: CIA
Start: 1951
Purpose: to investigate alleged brainwashing in communist states
Means: brainwashing, sensory deprivation, behavior modification, make subjects resistant to brainwashing methods, interrogation techniques.
The Artichoke Project, for example, had the purpose to develop methods by which you can get information from a person without their knowledge. For a while you could turn people into zombies.

Project BIG CITY (actions within the city limits)
Responsible: CIA
Start: beginning of the year 1950
Purpose: To study effect of gas and drugs on behavior
Agents: drugs – and gas release in U – tracks, cars, and public parks.
According to a CIA – internal CIA memorandum of 1957 under General – Inspector Lyman Kirkpatrick had to be particularly taken with this project, that nothing was known of the originators of the activities in public. In their search for a chemical material which causes a reversible, non-toxic abnormal mental state whose specific nature can be fairly well predicted for each individual, which was launched Operation Big City. A 1953 Mercury – car has been modified so that its exhaust pipe was 45 cm longer than normal. The car was then driven a total of 80 miles through New York, during which he emanated a gas in order to test its effect on passersby. In another test, staff traveled surgery in the New York subway with battery-powered emission equipment that was installed in case to see if LSD can be sprayed in limited areas and how that affected people. The staff wore nose filter.
In San Francisco, a biological gas from the Golden Gate was – Bridge omitted, with the intention that cover it, the city and capture the disorientating effects of the gas. It was blown away before it could do any damage. . . .

CHAPTER Project (New chapter)
Responsible: U.S. – Navy
Start: 1947
Purpose: Programming behavior
Agents: drugs

Project CHATTER (Chatterbox, blabbermouth)
Responsible: U.S. – Navy, CIA
Start: 1953
Purpose: Programming behavior
Means: hypnosis, drugs, truth serum
There experiments were conducted on animals and humans to find drugs that act inhibitions and cause uncontrolled flow of speech.

Project CHICKWIT (Chicks mind)
Responsible: CIA
Start: 1965
Purpose: Collecting information on novel drugs worldwide

Project MIND BENDER (Bending of the mind)
Responsible: CIA
Start: 1966
Purpose: programming an assassin (by secret – Hypnotherapists)
Means: drugs, hypnosis
This project was conducted in Mexico City, to determine whether an unsuspecting victim could be influenced to become an assassin, after he was put through a pre-programmed signal in action.

Project MK – ULTRA : CIA and Dr. Cameron from Canada
Start: 1953
Purpose: Programming behavior
Middle: drugs, electroshock therapy (ECT)
MK – ULTRA was partially carried out in Canada.
Admiral Stansfield Turner (former CIA – Director) had in 1977 before the U.S. – Senate speak about it, or the extent to disclose. (Protocols: human drug testing by the CIA, 1977)
From this it went out following numbers: 149 sub-projects were carried out at 44 universities, 12 hospitals, three prisons and 15 other research institutions.
The sub-projects: human experiments, drug procurement,

Money procurements torture techniques

MK – ULTRA Subproject 3:
CIA as an operator Start: 1953
Purpose: testing of LSD in private homes uninformed citizens
Agents: drugs

MK – Ultra subproject 68: Dr. Cameron
Electric shock, intense repetition of predetermined verbal signals, isolation and suppression of “driving period”, achieved by causing the duration of sleep for seven to ten days at the end of the treatment period, paralysis by curare (deadly poison, by Indians for hunting use) “achieved favorable Results “, hallucinogenic drugs, sleeping area and test the radio – telemetry – laboratory, which was built by Rubenstein under Dr. Cameron’s instruction patients a scale of radio frequencies and electromagnetic signals were exposed and observed changes in behavior..

Under Project 142 and Project Under 94: CIA, Dr. Gottlieb, 1960-68
Program of electrical brain stimulation electrodes – implants initially performed in specific brain areas of animals, but also after successful testing of Viet Kong – prisoner, then killed without success (electrical stimulation for violent behavior and killing)

MK SEARCH in 1952
ammelbegriff for several MK – Sub-projects (Dr. Sydney Gottlieb came to Dr. Cameron.) Location: in “safe houses”
Operator: private research institution in Baltimore
Biological Army – laboratory at Fort Detrick (MK – NAOMI)
Places: cities such as Washington, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles
Victims: “Expendable” (which is a person who might die, but when it was unlikely that her disappearance aroused suspicion)
Purpose: To explore human weaknesses, destabilize personality, simulated death by carbon dioxide, chemicals to simulate suicide, disturbance of memory disorders by anomalous behavior, changes in sexual patterns (kinky sex), drugs – dependence for obtaining information agents including micro – organisms with the ability to kill

Midnight Climax (50 – ies): Research on the possibilities of mind control drugs with Purpose: Sexual blackmail, monitoring methods, monitoring technology.

Project MONARCH   (= Ruler)
Responsible: CIA
Start: beginning of the 1960 – ies
Purpose: Programming behavior
Agents: drugs and satanic rituals
The existence of this project was William Colby, CIA director confirmed (released government documents)
Applied media: Trauma caused by fear, pain, and sexual violence, entering post-hypnotic commands, planting of new feelings and memories, artificial memory loss as a prerequisite for false memories.

The criminal network – the web of lies

Goal: new generation of willing slaves = Monarch slave (alternate personalities)

To breed human robot, the program itself afterwards.

Beginning of the experiment: not only as a child, but in the womb (fetus with needles maltreat), first treated lovingly after the birth of the caregiver, it Torture: children are locked in a cage, hunger and cold, and electric shocks until they are numb . After two to three days back to reference person = hope to get love back, but the caregiver is now the worst torturer. De Ruiter reported that in halls and hospitals on U.S. – several thousand babies as animals were kept in small cages set among current military bases, the building of U.S. soldiers guarded. After the babies are usually raped by the Illuminati in the most brutal way, so that these memories are so traumatic as possible.

Further trauma by trained animals or with drugs.

Funeral conducted by Illuminati, are used to perform the so-called fire-trauma. There, children were forced to watch as other children were burned alive in the crematorium, but also as victims were skinned. When opening the oven door, the children were traumatized forever. Some children are forced to kill other children. With about five years of a child’s will is broken = slave, strengths and weaknesses were accurately recorded, then decided the place in society and programmed accordingly. The Illuminati cult must not only be self-financing, but the top also still contribute a high profit – through pornography, prostitution, arms smuggling and drug trafficking.

“With the help of ritualised psycho-sexual abuse, drug and frequency modulated radio – frequency signals (EM / RF), these operations are often carried out by satanic cults, which are directly connected with the secret service and military covert government agencies to create a monarch-like agents.” Originally Posted by DC Hammond.

Movies: Monarch Part one (Phoenix)

Following the Manhattan – Project   (Atomic bomb) were t housands U.S. – citizens used as test subjects (since 1943, publicly announced in 1995). It included plutonium – injections, total body irradiation, purposeful exposure of military personnel and the poisoning of millions of U.S. – civilians by fallout:

Project ORION
Responsible: CIA
Start: 1958
Purpose: Programming behavior
Means: drugs, hypnosis

Project SPELL BINDER (spell captivating speaker or by programming code word) = Operation MK SEARCH
Responsible: Director of the Central Intelligence (CIA)
Start: 1966
Purpose: programming an assassin, mind control
Means: drugs, hypnosis Vietcong – prisoners

Responsible: Law Enforcement Assistant Administration
Start: 1980 – he years
Purpose: Programming behavior
Means: Psychochirugie, lobotomy (brain surgery intervention reduced feelings for politically active coloreds

Project of the National Security Agency
Responsible: NSA
Purpose: mass trials of drugs
Medium: water supply medication in public buildings

The 6 stages that must go through a victim (traumatic – based)
ALPHA – Level: This is the basic level, which is characterized by increasing physical stress. At the end of the cleavage step of the personality occurs.
BETA – Level: In the split personality all learned moral principles are eliminated and for the uninhibited primitive instincts.
DELTA – stage: In this stage, the adrenaline emissions control and control of aggression are developed. Fear feelings are extinguished and the actual job is programmed.
THETA – Level: This is the satanic stage in the occult and

psychotronic skills are trained.
OMEGA – Level: A suicide programmed command that activates automatically when the person remembers during an interrogation or treatment.
GAMMA – stage: In this stage, final adjustments are made ​​and more Satano – completed demonic rituals (Voodoo – elements).
The second phase of mind control – is to develop an underground base below Fort Hero in Montauk (Long Iceland, New York) refined and is also called the Montauk – project. The earliest victims of Montauk – Style – programming, so called Montauk – boys were with T rauma – programmed based techniques, but that method was eventually in favor of an all-electronic induction – the process (within days or even hours) instead of time-consuming (many years ) Trauma – based methods, as amended.


Technical methods

Research projects for eletromagnetische Mind Control
Project: STYX (the hot river of the Greek underworld)
Responsible: U.S. – Army (third-degree burns to persons at Fort Know, Kentucky) and by General Electric (microwaves – Weapons: Project Comet)
Start: since 1957 the development Skalarwaffen (EMP – Grills Iraq War)
Mutilate the brain, eyes, sexual organs: Purpose: Damage to physical features
Media: radio – and microwaves (electromagnetic radiation)
Project ORION (reference to evil Egyptian gods)
Responsible: USAF
Start: 1958
Purpose: To influence the behavior of “security” people (confounders off)
Means: VLF – HF – ELF – and UHF – waves
Project MK DELTA
Responsible: CIA
Start: in 1960, performed in “safe houses” of the CIA and U.S. war in occupied territories
Purpose: influencing behavior and attitudes of larger population troops
Means: VLF – HF – ELF – and UHF – waves

(The name derives from the disastrous opening of Pandora’s box from Greek)
Responsible: CIA
Start: 1963 -1966
Purpose: effect of microwaves on the nervous – and immune system

Means: ELF – waves (low frequency scalar waves)


Psycho surgical center (70 – ies) Location: California military base

Operation Resurrection (“Resurrection”)

Operator: Laboratory of the National Institute of Mental Health
Time: 1965/66

Purpose: resuscitation through radio frequencies, behavioral control

Collection tested in monkeys (insanity) – radio telemetry techniques (energy of radio frequencies as the beam into the brains), natural drugs: Medium

Dr. Brian and Dr. Herrmann (CIA – employees), from this to the Justizbeh realized ö (= Department of Corrections)

181 experiments dealing with the implantation of brain tissue from embryos or bodies with the aim of behavior change ä.

Implants are artificial Fremdk k ü ö body, which can be implanted in the body K ö. They are there different functions erf above cases, which can be divided into three categories:

1 Called passive implants, and “responder”

2 Passive sensors with implants

3 Active implants to control (Heiner Gehring, p 117)

Often surgery (refers to temporal prediction)

Operator: CIA BFE (Office of Research and Development)
Time: 1969 – 1972

Purpose: Testing of biological weapons by psychiatrists, research into black magic

Brain – implantation technology

Agents: biological weapons, occult practices, astrology

Strange Dream scan dealt 1977-79 with the technical ability to penetrate into the mind of an individual during sleep and bring about his death (krill, OH: Orion based on Mind Control Technology). Voodoo – Murder uses the same method as the sleeper is not aware of it that it’s asleep. It is also possible to involve the dreamer in discussions.

Project PHOENIX II (phoenix rising from the ashes reborn)
Responsible: USAF and NSA
Start: 1983
Purpose: influencing behavior and attitudes of larger population troops
Means: radar waves, microwaves, microwaves
Phoenix II was carried out in the notorious Air Force Base Montauk
Responsible: NSA and ONR
Start: 1989
Purpose: influencing behavior and attitudes of larger population troops
Means: UHF – waves

Project RF Media (mind control via the media)
Responsible: CIA
Start: 1990
Purpose: influencing behavior and attitudes of larger population troops
Means: Subliminal commands in radio – and television waves

Project CLEAN SWEEP (purge / clean sweep)
Responsible: the CIA, NSA and ONR
Start: 1998
Purpose: influencing behavior and manipulation of larger population troops
Agents: alpha – delta waves to the emotional influence
Source: Heiner Gehring

Other MKULTRA operations: There were an enormous number of MK Ultra – operations. The project announced in orders from 80 institutions, of which 44 were colleges or universities, 15 research institutes or private companies, 12 hospitals and 3 prisons. The total estimated cost of the operation amounted to 10 to 25 million dollars. Prisoners were provided by Dr. James Hamilton, for experiments in the Vacaville state prison medical facility for clinical trials – used, financed by a chain of front organizations (behavioral control materials). In New Jersey tests by Dr. Carl Pfeiffer at the Borden reformatory were performed with similar tasks. Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia, volunteers were used for tests of a particularly violent incapacitating drug. At the same time began the CIA and the U.S. – Army of two other projects: “Third Chance” and “Derby Hat” (Experiments in domestic + international) and was also under contract with the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Between 1955 and 1958, the Army tested at Fort Bragg and the Army – Edgewood laboratories for chemical weapons and LSD in 1000 voluntary U.S. – soldiers.

Comet Project (since 1950), the psychological effects of electromagnetic radiation research (by General Electric developed anti-troops – microwave weapons). Source: Because you do not know what you do!

SCANATE project was one of many projects that were led by expert committees, such as the Stanford Research Institute and the CIA, which focused on far sightedness. Two Americans on sensory perception, the former UN – diplomat Ingo Swann and former Burbank Police Chief Patrick Price SCANATE were part of the project, which at that time one of the best kept Pentagon – Projects was. Price died under mysterious circumstances, so that Swann had to continue Institute restrained his psychic research at Stanford. Stanford did a study called “Advanced technology for threat assessment” for the Air Force, the highest security level, which affected the whole spectrum of psychological weapons in detail at that time:

Project Life – History

Operator: Information Awareness Office = Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Target: Perception flow of people from afar register and monitor, mind control (of the enemy). Study of cognitive processes in the human brain. Development of artificial intelligence

Media: radio, television, computers, the Earth’s atmosphere: transmits electromagnetic frequencies,

Project Woodpecker (secret code the United States, the name of a> cartoon bird)

Electron – cyclotron – resonance – Heating – Method:

Earth’s magnetic field change, modify weather, cause earthquakes, distribute fictional virus

Electromagnetic Pulse: behavior of population change (control)

Means: HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program),

Transmitter site in Gakona (Alaska), among many others, for example in northern Europe

GWEN (ground wave Emergency Network): many remote transmitters – antennas throughout the United States form a grid (200 miles apart)

Operator: scientist Bernard J. Eastland on behalf of ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Oil Co.), which is controlled by the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)

Research: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Livermore, California)

Financing of the project: CIA and NSA 1971

Secret cooperation between the United States and the Soviet Union

1976: Soviets generate strong electromagnetic transmissions Ü (Russian Woodpecker)

1977: U.S. – Government is an official partner of the Soviets (materials and equipment equipmen ü f o r further research and development)

The purpose of the “electron – cyclotron – resonance – Heating” – method:

Contribution of the superpowers to achieve the New World Order (World Government =)

planned MC – Project: Project Bluebeam

Date: unknown, future

Purpose: Introduction of the new world religion of the NWO

Thread: Alien invasion creates the illusion of a threat from the outside

Means Hologram – projection technique in the sky with all the satellites and systems (including mobile phones)


Project Moon scan

Start: 1987

It lasted until 1989 and consisted Mind – to position instruments on the Moon, directed against the population of the earth – Control. It was built by an organization called Airborne Instrument Laboratories (AIL) that conduct also other secret projects managed. At the time, AIL ran under the Eaton Corporation, but is now (since 1988) under the control of the Department of Defense (Defense).

Source: krill, OH: Orion based on Mind Control Technology

Implant projects

Long existing, American projects such as “Soul Catcher 2025” “Digital Angel” (for tracking pets and to protect children against abduction = pretext)

Mannequin Project

Secret – Entrance at Aldermaston (hence the local nuclear power plant)

and Greenham Common (U – Bahn network)

Series of secret experiments of U.S. – Government and the British MI 5

Operator: NSA, MI5

Financiers: CIA drug trafficking, Bank of England

Start Date: 1930 – he years, 50 – years he

based on the study: Harwell Labs – Project Mannequin

Location: Underground facility Peasmore, Berkshire in England (1972)

Purpose: Mind Control – Programming, kidnappings

Cloning (not sheep) and Genetic improvement

PLF stands for programmable life forms

Computer – generated life forms = robot (military r – robot for the kidnappings)

Program for genetically enhanced assassin ä ter

Skills F ä – ä fer spies and sleeps – agents with PSI

Means: “Travel – chair” for accelerated learning with medication – assisted hypnosis (scopalamine) by means of wide-em screen extremely fast image – shot into the subconscious = programming, murder of children (the cry as biological frequency)

Programs: including Janus (two-headed Roman god), Lone Wolf (Lone Wolf)

Target group: Children with blue blood (eg, needle, Celts),

worldwide abducted children

Source: victim and witness James Casbolt (MI 5 – dropouts)


The dark groups of the secret societies try the access channel to your higher frequency – the energy of love – to connect with their digital signals. Beware of gifts and their broken promises. Crop circle message.

25 000 children disappear without a trace in the UK each year and have never been heard or seen again. Quote James Casbolt (MI 5 – dropouts)


Frequency equipment – ranged weapons (Silent War)

(= – Tesla weapons, tachyons – weapons, scalar weapons, Psychotronic weapons)

Name of frequencies, microwaves, scalar waves, longitudinal waves, electromagnetic radiation, digital pulsed low frequency radio waves, ELF – waves, means: – Tesla coil, strong magnetic fields, ionizers, crystals, or special ELF – transmitter)


Biofrequenz wr i   (Continued from Chapter 4 B James Casbolt)

The huge child trafficking and Satanic ritual murder – network in the UK is strongly associated with the Project Mannequin and very evil factions in the intelligence community are centered around the NSA, the CIA and British intelligence. These figures and the controlled mainstream – media suppress this fact, not her voice to give the parents of these children – no, the news channels Britain is nothing mentioned it. My contact has revealed to me that children who are abducted in the underground facilities – are killed in a terrible manner, and their brain waves are recorded in computers at the time of death via a digital connection (brain – – as an AL / 499 implants are pre- installed in the child’s brains) So how brain -. Waves and Radio – Waves are basically the same thing, this awful power of super is – computers recorded and then broadcast in real time, by means of television sets, radios, mobile phones and masts across the country, which has to the entire population by more crime, child abuse, drugs – effects and alcohol abuse and a general lowering of morality of the people, the telepathic receiver is the pineal gland – the brain of the citizen to the equipment.

I myself have observed children who during my time in the AL / 499 – Plant’s throat was cut and the digital broadcast was recorded brain waves on the air to prevent the time of death the people of this country from talking to each other or to have an exchange on an intimate level. Children – hands on some of these underground facilities therefore only cut to prevent the transmitted frequencies people from effectively performing the daily tasks or to maintain discipline in their lives. Source: James Casbolt (MI 5 – dropouts and tools)

Why do so many people since it would only be enough to sacrifice a child to record the screams and the brain waves during the process of dying – before they are “fed” into the public grid?

Answer: Apparently it is very important that this horror is sent in real time, for a mere tape – recording, and a stored EEG – patterns (brain waves) would not have the desired effect, so this enormous supply of innocent children, which also underpins the death , (because they would stay alive, in turn, would satisfy only one child, or whose frequency – recording).

The close proximity to the Aldermaston nuclear plant suggests an enormous power requirements of this underground facility. . . eg for the supercomputer.

Jung would say: You fertilizing the collective unconscious with a horrible vibration at that man emotionally crippled.

The idea behind this effect can be substantiated with figures from Austria east of 2012: The murder rate (murders relationship) increased by 31 percent – a statistical reqs ä susceptibility extraordinary rank.

The violence and (the subliminal messages) in movies and video games ä produces a similar effect: Amokl äufer teenagers who kill their classmates and teachers in schools.

Devices and implants

Erh ä articles available commercially:

As the Mind Machine (invented by William Grey Walter, 1940-50) audiovisual Stimulationsgerä be referred te, with the help of pulsed light and sound at the user influence on the EEG – to take waves and thus to achieve certain Bewusstseinszust changes. Typically, a mind-machine of a headphone and a special pair of glasses, which is staffed with LEDs as the light source effect on the mental state. Stimulation by frequency – consequence – response, depending on the settings accordingly verst arkets Gehirnaktivit ä th of deep delta waves (1 . – 4 Hz), theta waves over (5 – 8 Hz are generated) and alpha waves (8 -12 Hz) to fast beta waves (more than 12 Hz) Source: Wikipedia  

Brain transmitters (brain transmitters)

History began Dr. WR Hess in his twenties, having held that 4000 places in the brain that are in direct contact with important reactions of mind and body. He could not create any feelings of electrical current through the stimulation of these points. Be it sadness, happiness, hunger or satisfaction. From 1960 Swedish Ä doctors patients started without their knowledge under anesthesia through the nose to use brain implants (energetically activated by transmitted radar waves).

In the first experimental phase, the brain transmitter to the patient of a hospital during surgery was introduced under anesthesia w ä. The police began approximately in 1972. It is known as one of the ss Brain Transmitters – centers in Sweden has its seat in the police headquarters of Kungsholmen, Stockholm.

Back then had an implant the size of a half OESSE cigarette filter and is considered the prototype (Preferences ä shore) of RFID – chips. The sheath is made ​​of optical fiber and the content of liquid crystals.

The device tl ä ä runs with a specific wavelength ength, which receives all sensory perceptions, sends them through the brain and then gives it to a receiver Änger on. Visions, thoughts, images, sound, etc. are those Empfä singer – person connected with her ​​head completely ändig seen. Visions are even transferred to a screen, the eyes of the person’s brain -. Has installed transmitters, work in this case as the lenses of a camera.

The principle: electromagnetic rays which penetrate the brain and in the course of two – way – Telemetry (= remote control) independently tested by the distance from the computer to the brain transmitter with the speed of light (= radio waves) sent back and forth, with ten from the measured Gehirnaktivit ä ( brain waves – EEG) are analyzed by a graph feelings, thoughts, vision, hearing and behavioral responses.

Moreover, even chemical reactions, patterns of neurons (nerve plexus in the brain), diseases can be traced = Biomedical telemetry, but also the oral transmission of messages to the recipient and return post the answer with thoughts is possible by brain wave data translated into radio signals (modulated) and transmitted. Thus, all aspects of the human being can be exposed and analyzed, but also to disease can cause hallucinations, causes the modification of opinion and behavior be specifically controlled.

The victims find themselves under ftlingen Huh, psychiatry – and inmates in hospitals ä usern (on the example of Sweden).

Source of evidence and X-rays:

Book: Physical control of consciousness, Prof. Jose Delgado (neurologist and father of electronic stimulation of the brain), 1969 microchip implants U.S.: Since the 40 – ies, there are already a number of projects, which, usually in connection with institutions such as the CIA called Army where subjects were implanted microchip, which have the function of stimulating the brain of the test person with electric pulses, or as a bug (each capacitor can be used as a microphone) functioning – NSA or U.S.. In a California prison inmates called several Neuralchips were implanted. These implants serve as a monitoring unit because all these prisoners belonged to a criminal organization. It was hoped in this way to locate the organization that its members and structures to reveal to you can finally smash (now GPS – Tracking using RFID – chips). Similar studies are carried out in various research centers throughout the United States, especially at the universities of Tulane (Thule Society), Harvard and Yale (Dr. James Mc Connell of the University of Michigan). On the side of the computer technology approximately $ 20 million were issued in 1973, called together by all universities in the United States including Hawaii with a giant central computer “Illiac 4” to network.

“The time has come for me if you give me a normal person and a few weeks time, possibly a few months, but I do not think it takes so long, may be changing over any current behavior – as far as physically possible ‘s. I can not get to fly by flapping its wings it, but I can make a Christian a communist and vice versa. “

(Garrison: The Hidden Story of Scientology).

Guinea pigs in secret experiments were prisoners, soldiers, mental patients, handicapped children, deaf and blind people, homosexuals, single – women, the elderly, school children, and each edge group.

Russia and America were located in every way. At the universities of Kharkov and Leningrad were in the early 60 – ies “significant progress” made ​​in the field of parapsychology. These included the area of telepathy, or more precisely the long haul – invasion and manipulation of the mind. It would appeal to people like remote-controlled puppets. In the sleep instructions can be entered, then, for example, forming in suicide. Litisitsyn, head of the Soviet documents – Department reported in 1968 that it is the Soviet Union managed to control the transmission of images and feelings to a foreign, biological system that is to another person. They were even able to determine the time when this would be aware of the person or whether it would remain her unconscious. His study announced that the Soviets have identified the genetic code of the human brain.

In 1972, the U.S. Defense Agency (DIA) announced progress in electromagnetic mind control of the Soviets. The Russians have been studied for years and examines their relationship to ESP (extrasensory perception). Tones, and even whole words when they can be sent via neurological control apparatus of a military base out are made ​​manifest in the human brain. Heart failure and epileptic seizures can be triggered by remote control. (Broward, Sutton, Bearden: The Invisible War)

The Terminal Man (commuters): A report of the Senate with the heading “behavior – change” revealed that the CIA work at UCLA (University of Los Angelos) funded to microwaves – to develop devices that a human voice in the head can a person transferred to induce hypnosis at a distance In the 1950 -., he held another center, which is connected with UCLA, a program with a “amnesia – beam” dealt (memory loss) for the CIA (international clandestine operations ..) Dr. Frank Ervin, a mutual friend of West and Delgado, characterized in charge here the novel and movie “The Terminal Man” (Michael Crichton) is based on an Ervin – victim who complains to this day that his brain by microwave is controlled (Broward, Sutton, Bearden: The Invisible War).

Called River Styx weapons (RSW) were the first prototypes of electromagnetic weapons to disrupt “bodily functions” on the most sensitive. Since 1950, the U.S. – government intelligence agencies, corporations and universities coordinated the development of the River Styx The Schwitzgebel machine guns. After consultation with the – CIA Director Richard Helms, Dr. Gottlieb the former director of the Agency for a scientific intelligence: Dr. Stephen Aldrick interrogated and tortured in a “safe house” KGB – defector three years continuously in order to experiment with the Schwitzgebel machine. This was a behavior – transmitter – amp was attached to a body harness and signals from a radio – received and sent to this module. The machine was connected to a missile – Search – System that tracks the whereabouts of the wearer and displays it on a screen. It had been developed by Ralph K. Schwitzgebel at the Laboratory of Population psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. His brother Robert, then changed the prototype into a refined product. The machine received enthusiastic praise from the criminologists, which the concepts of BFE terms of intelligence – techniques supported the New World Order. 1972 helmet broke on the project Often. The memorandum, which was sent to Dr. Gottlieb was called “destroy reading material.” Dr. Gottlieb announced in 1973 and was hired by Helmes, all records of MK ULTRA – to destroy MK SEARCH. 130 boxes were later found in the Langley archives, Dr. Gottlieb had inexplicably destroyed.

LIDA (Electro Sleep – Sleep electrical): Based on the Tesla – effect (the basis for all modern research in the field of ELF communication) according to these ELF – a tachyon waves and directs it to a human, it comes to the decoupling of electrical functions in the brain that cause severe disturbances in wakefulness = prototype beam weapon, from HAARP – derived project.

The Soviets developed since the 50 – he an apparatus of the brain waves with low frequency (on the brain – rhythm matched frequency) bombards. He was initially developed for medical purposes in an exchange program of the USSR and the United States. During the project, we discovered the effects of low frequency waves on the behavior of the experimental subjects. The effect was similar to tranquilizers that have a calming effect on the central nervous system. Large gatherings of people were in trance-like states, and even in sleep, will enable. However, physical collapse is possible. Furthermore, we tried to achieve other behavior modifications with differing frequency modulations. In North Korea the war was used by North Korea a “brainwashing machine” that based on this technology (results not known). Dr. W. Ross Adey (friend of Dr. Delgado) developed new techniques to control the human brain with exotic energies and personally received a prototype of the Soviet LIDA – memory control unit, an interesting proof of the good American – Soviet cooperation in this area (official consensus in control of the people). LIDA is designed so that it has the three components of pain, heat, cold and electricity – sends, in such a way that it is received by the human mental apparatus from a distance. LIDA to introduce into American Research, a specialist was selected by the Soviets, who also work closely with the U.S. – working to hidden government mind control. Continued: Chapter 5 C.

Voice FM – Voice Frequency Modulator: This technology is modulated with a high – barely perceptible – sound a human voice. Perceived a tone similar to the tinnitus syndrome (tone by ear damage at extreme volume), which is broadcast via radio and transmit hidden messages. These messages are acoustically imperceptible, but can only be absorbed by the subconscious mind, but affect consciousness.


Smart Dust (intelligent matter): At the University of California (Berkeley), the smallest possible devices developed up to now, gather information and exchange with each other. One of the developers, Kris Pister, said in an interview that the entire technology soon to be not more than a can accommodate up to two cubic millimeters to be sprayed in the air as so-called “smart dust”. 20 km transmission range have already been tested successfully. Pister says of the already diverse civilian and military applications possible. To the necessary software for full completion takes care of his partner Randy Katz, who for international companies (Daimler Chrysler, Ericsson, Fuji, Xerox, and Hybrid Networks) has been funded by DARPA (U.S. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) source.: Natasha Koch.

Psychotronik – Weapons: The use of relatively easy to be built – Tesla weapons, the so-called Psychotronics, it is easily possible to decouple the waking consciousness at attacking soldiers and thus wipe out the aggression.

Do you remember the images of the Gulf War, when thousands of Iraqi soldiers in surrender rose from the trenches, even journalists revealed that they were soldiers, and despite white flags were a welcome cannon fodder for the American artillery? Now more and more military experts are convinced that it is not about the poor supply of Saddam’s troops caused this sudden and lemming-like surrender, but psychotronic = Mind Control – Weapon of the U.S.. Some of these high – tech super weapons use, the effect of radio frequency waves on the human brain. Just as an aggression can be reduced, you can also create aggression, such as civil wars, riots, collective suicide, hatred, religious fanaticism, etc. The gigantic HAARP – Aerial forest is suitable for such psychotronic signals for Mind -. Steer control at any point on earth source : Magazine 2000 No. 97, Year: 1993

Psychotronic weapons were no longer used by the Germans in 1945, but have been researched and tested by Russians and Americans:

1 Autonomous psychotronic generator (eg, TN 2), operating in the range of 10 to 150 Hertz and infrasound waves around the 10 to 20 Hertz generated on living organisms (nervous system) and destructive act can also delete the memory suddenly.

2 Psychotronic generator that produces powerful electric currents.

To the public grid connected (water pipes, TV, telephone lines, TV, radio network and bulbs), house fires and possible explosions.

3 Output – generator that can be used against the people of central nervous insects paralyzed.

4 Ultrasonic weapons that can disrupt or destroy the internal organs of living beings, without tissue damage to the skin surface (such as Taser – Weapon – Weapon with 50 000 volts and 12 amps)

5 Infrasound – low frequency waves (ILF – waves), with which you can play voices and induced messages about music and sound recordings, and thus influence the subconscious of consumers.

6 The so-called 25 Picture – effect, a technique by which each 25 Image of a film involves a subconscious message. This technique can against TV – used consumer, computer programmer or administrator.

7 Psychotropic chemicals that you mix a politician or the entire population into the drinking water or in food. These chemicals called synthetic drugs such as: trance, euphoria and depression forth. The symptoms manifest themselves as headaches, noises, voices or commands in the brain, nausea, and even as the destruction of the heart muscle.

Hypersonic Sound System (HSS), inventor Woody Norris

The device enables a carrier wave transmitting speech, sounds, music, etc. (inaudible ultrasound – area) – directly into the head of a target person may be declared in the worst case for crazy or schizophrenic. Certain information (in sound or image) can to electromagnetic waves of a certain carrier – frequency modulated (embossed) are. This possibility is also in radio – used and television waves.
Silent Subliminal Technology TM – the biggest breakthrough in the ability to communicate with the subconscious mind (bypassing the guard – consciousness). The decoded spoken affirmations (gain) leave the membrane of the human ear vibrate in a level of strength in excess of 100 decibels is measurably stronger than the traditional “masked” Subliminal – recording method, ie the strengthening of Subliminal (subliminal messages) to 10 million and absolutely inaudible (for microphone or ear). Communication with Deaf been tested source. http://www.megabrainpool.deHYPERLINK/ “

Zombie – Super weapon, announced by Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov confirmed by Vladimir Putin’s secret weapon to control people’s brains with electromagnetic radiation.
Objective: large crowds set with just one shot out of action (eg army). The wounded are to be programmable by affecting the nervous system and act like zombies Source:. Derhonigmannsagt

Biological warfare using only psychotronic weapons

Method of scalar – interferometry how to trick the immune system with electronic weapons, so it is completely vulnerable to additional pathogens with which the perpetrators usually contaminate the environment of a victim. This is probably the explanation of many strange new diseases. The immune system reacts to what it discovers and not on what is actually present in real organisms. Because of this deliberate stimulation and the resulting false alarm, the deluded immune system desperately spreads its limited power reserves on these “identified” two dozen invading fictitious “shadow” – pathogens (tedious shadow boxing). Thus, the immune system will not be done with conventional real germs in the air, because it has been otherwise inhibited. . . .

Source: book, “Oblivion, America on the precipice” pp. 47 f, Tom Bearden (physicist and Colonel in the U.S. – Army)

HPM – Weapons (High Power Microwave) = powerful electromagnetic radiation: briefcase, smart antenna systems and microwave ovens manipulated

(Votes – Frequency – modulator)


Mass Programming

– Target electrochemical man

GWEN: While HAARP with the emitted ELF – waves also happen to be our weather destroys (by large wavelength high – low pressure areas), has the “visionary” Jim Keith 1990 large-scale global Mind – Control – techniques, namely the construction of GWEN (countless towers for the Ground Wave Emergency Network, USA) established that a highly visible network of copper wires at regular intervals, VLF (Very Low Frequency) – sends messages built by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to keep operational in the event of a nuclear war the government. This – until now an estimated 100 towers across America – form a straight line at a distance of 200 miles, and thus a perfect system of thought control.

Not to mention the micro chip – technology: chips on our credit cards, passports and other documents, our household appliances and our clothes were only preparing for what will soon have officially come to us, namely the

. RFID – Chip IN U.S., provided we allow this source: Obscure istan

Mobile phone masts – the Cell Phone Towers (working with the 5 – cycle Bass – wave): Distribute the so-called orgone – Energy (term from the Nazi era to demonic energy). It is to drive an entire city into madness possible within a short time. In the NWO these options are endless, as the control is no longer in the hands of the citizen.

Mobile – The mobile phone = mind control weapon and New Age – a toy.

Like all wireless systems (Internet), it was the military invented with the 3G – function to detach our mind, the next 4G to take over the human mind completely to make all to animals, which means the breakdown of society (which corresponds to the prophecy that everyone will run against any war). This is also the reason why such a large range of mobile phones offers opportunities to keep (multifunctional) are on a leash. The action “Used Phones for the Third World” follows the same intention: captivity in great fear – matrix.

Two Vodafone – mobile phones produce 100 mW per cm 2 and 50 mW / cm 2 = microwave oven. The risk limits for microwave ovens is 5 mW / cm 2, and the Russians regularly used 10 mW / cm ² for their weapons research. The application of microwaves for damage to the population is one of the means to achieve the goal of the Illuminati secret for global mind control.

Purpose (also) the mobile and wireless internet can be used.

Microwaves penetrate deep into the body and exercise both the body and the brain have a negative influence. Wireless phones use pulsed modulated microwaves exactly the intensity to penetrate the skin and brain to influence behavior. You just have to flip a switch (Frequency Modulation) and have all the people in the vicinity of these microwave transmitters are turned into submissive zombies.

The DIA research dates from the year 1976 show that the dangers are known for over twenty years. The first research on the use of microwave weapons and their use for mind control began in the 50 – ies at Tavistock – Institute. The starting point was the submission behavior of the monkeys or the state of consciousness of the British scientists most interested. : Source used the microwave signal transmitters (including cell phone) England – after they had the specific brain rhythm that triggers submissive, zombie-like behavior, this was as a template for the ELF. / “gibts-but-the-nicht.infoHYPERLINK

HAARP (there are several of this type in the world, such as LOIS, or LOFAR EISCAT in Norway, operated by the Max – Planck – Institut)

– The Tesla Death Ray, the sword of power. . . The mother of all frequency machines, it is considered the largest and most perfect consciousness-control instrument and the NWO with ELF -. Supports waves (also VLF – waves, etc.). The lullaby of mind control: Through the emitted frequencies our brain is in a constant ALPHA – lulled state, just so we endure the constant indifferent injustice that surrounds us and humanity. Source: Obscure Istan

Like a queen bee, she sings the so-called “magic song” (the sound of HAARP). Tesla’s patent is based on the wireless transmission of energy through the atmosphere. The by-product of artificial lightning microwaves. Scientists Sheppard and Eisenbud resulted from very clear that there is a direct relationship between ELF – have balance of brain cells – magnetic fields and the calcium – ion.

The relationship could be detected at different frequencies 6-20 Hz. It is therefore indisputable that are already weak electromagnetic fields capable of causing neuro-physiological disorders = behavioral disorders. Bowart says also that infrasound at 7 Hz leads to significant changes in brain function.



The story began with Nikola Tesla, a brilliant scientist who wanted to realize the wireless transmission of energy through the ionosphere (upper layer of the atmosphere at a height of 80 km and magnetic mantle of the Earth against the solar wind) by artificial lightning with several 100 000 volts . generated as by-products are formed, the low radio waves that are reflected by the ionosphere back to earth Schumann discovered this first the earth frequency 7, 83 Hz, which subjected all living beings and are also dependent upon applications: wind – and weather manipulation.
mental manipulation / alteration of physical processes
I nformationsübermittlung / navigation – Telecommunications and
GPS – point accurate sighting with the death ray / Radar
Changing the scalar (= space explored by Bearden – and Erdgravitationswellen) earthquake at 2.4 Hz and earth pole shift crippling global communication systems – risk tomography: pole shift, loss of the magnetic field and thus the atmosphere = earth uninhabitable (fate of Mars), the same is also possible by nuclear tests.

Copy of Tesla’s patent certificate



The New York Times wrote: Tesla unveiled with 78 years Death Ray: invention powerful enough to destroy 10,000 airplanes at a distance of 400 km. ONLY DEFENSIVE WEAPON. The scientists reported in an interview from a device that can kill without leaving a trace. “ End of quote


All Dipole – Antenna (with transmitter and receiver – function as in RFID – chip) together, now increased in the course of continuous technical improvements to the system 640, at 3600 kilowatts produce radio waves between 10 and 100 megawatts – bundled to a constant super flash. This entails alterable electromagnetic frequencies of 2, 8 Hz – 10 Hz Mega that are not only reflected from the ionosphere, but are reinforced. The artificial super flash can also easily penetrate a tank, called scalar – weapon. Other plants of this type in Northern Europe, Brazil, Russia, England, Peru, India, and 3 more in the U.S. – all networked together. Only one frequency is used in each case as a carrier frequency modulated mixtures – comparable to music on the radio, is superimposed on the fundamental frequency.
Waves – Spectrum: ULF: 1 – 30 Hz / ELF: 30 – 300 / VLF: 300 Hz – 30 Hz kilo / LF: 30 kHz – 300 kHz / high frequency (radio frequency) 10 kilo Hz – 300 Hz Giga
The problem with the ELF waves is that the human brain and the nerve cells are active all the frequency range from 0 to 30 Hz (the fifth brain wave band was rediscovered up to 80 Hz). There may be overlap and interference. With weak, selected modulation (Frequenzmixturen) states of consciousness can be changed specifically in humans. Attempts by the Spanish scientist Delgado also revealed that in chicken embryos, a magnetic field of 50 Hz is sufficient to cause malformations It was noted that a person under artificial hypnosis (theta – and alpha state). Particularly (x 25) vulnerable and suggestive manipulations of the brain is susceptible to false information. Source: God’s warning. Imperceptibly to virtual worlds such information or be fed directly into the brains of thousands of people.
The brain goes into resonance: The transmitter generated with the help of the ionosphere called ELF – waves (extreme low frequency). These waves are in the range of Schumann frequency which is the resonance frequency of the earth and the human brain. You can now modulate certain information such Schumann frequency. For example, if you use your brain frequency patterns of depressed, the brain is to go into the irradiated resonance and interested persons are put in a depressive mood. Thus, it is technically possible with HAARP and similar facilities to carry out targeted manipulation of consciousness. Source: Paranoid News

Subsequently you can with brain – induce and magnetic manipulation all pathogenic patterns in living systems and to any place mind control exercise world by frequencies: Raise or manipulation of feelings, emotions, emotions (joy, panic, anxiety) because the brain and the emotions in the ELF -. swing area and adapt such external frequency sources try Even with weak fields can be caused by certain frequencies to selectively influence the immune system and thus produce certain diseases, hysteria, panic, stress, tension, cancer, genetic mutations, etc. . Source:

To HAARP – Shield: the deeper meaning lies in the fact that HAARP is not confined to a place called GACONA in Alaska but it is present everywhere where ever you go.


The artificial auroral activity confirms the enormous energy of HAARP.


HAARP, Mind Control technology – Dr. Nick Begich

SBX = HAARP Sea: Mobile unit with water to the same conditions

Mind Control and massive influence health in combination with chemtrails (barium – nano particles – aluminum) to see:

Since earth and living things respond by magnetite in the cells to magnetic fields already have the smallest electromagnetic field – and frequency – changes have an impact on all living things.

Chemtrails (Chemistry strips in the sky) the spider’s web:

Agency: Office of Naval Intelligence, operators are the UN and the WHO

Messrs. Leaf Clover (Shamrock), Sponsor: oil industry (for example, G. Bush)

Client: NSA (National Security Agency), by NATO – Aircraft

Operation Red Sky (blood red sky) or rain dance (= weather modification)

Goal: to create divisions in creative spatial perception = blockade of interactions between different amino acids in the brain that are similar to the higher consciousness, while at the same time produces the increase of dopamine in the brain, a listless, euphoric state of lower mind. Junction between the real and the unreal create (barium content – salt fractions):

Related to the endocrine glands – hormonal system in the head.

Worldwide metallic liquids (besides toxins and pathogens) as a frequency leader for the reinforcement of HAARP (just one example of many) sprayed in cross-shaped strips, to better distribute the vibration given.

Barium compounds are used according to previous findings in the chemtrails to distribute in conjunction with aluminum electrical charges and reinforce Since both the irradiation by radar, strong satellite channels and hundreds of other strong radio transmitters -., Such as mobile phone masts – epidemic increases, this system yields by more and more aluminum particles in the organism on the one hand and on the other hand a strong station radiations permanent destruction of tissue source (brain), which inevitably weakens any immune system (Alzheimer’s disease in rats demonstrated).

To better understand the chemtrails, you have the people who stand behind it know: Satanists with the unrestricted license to kill.

1 Total project frequency manipulation of consciousness. Instead of love they faced the consciousness of unknown dimensions (frequency – overlay)

2 The host immune system exhaust (auspowern)

Chemtrails – Contents: Dried red Blutk ö rperchen (bioweapon next to molds, etc.)

Source: Educate yourself and enter 7.1

Regardless of the chemtrails was found in jet fuel highly toxic lead and benzene.

Ingredients of chemtrails (silent war), found in the snow water:

Frequency – Conductor: metals such as silver iodide, aluminum solutions

(Effect: absent-mindedness, confusion, Alzheimer’s, cancer),

Aluminum – fluorine – compounds (indifference), Titanium additives, cobalt

Barium (effect: central nervous system, mental immaturity), Metallic salts,

Strontium (radioactive, causing genetic damage / cancer),

toxic heavy metals such as tungsten (coated with mercury)

Toxins: biotoxins, bacteria and toxic molds in dried blood cells (toadstools), neurotoxin – species, fluorine (Hitler had planned to fluoridate all he conquered countries, because the substance makes people docile and indifferent, so that they no longer oppose Today fluoride is also. many psychotropic drugs and sedatives included).

Biological weapons and flu viruses, fiber strands of plastic + red and white blood cells, and unidentified cell types, laboratory specially cultivated viruses or bacteria (design mutant viruses or ABC – Weapons), Anthrax, designed from the laboratory pathogens, nano bacteria, molds, bacilli (resolves DNS – mutations), polymer (forming cobweb-like network)

Serratia marcescens is a dangerous pathogens (pneumonia)

Streptomyces (fungus)

Enterobacteriaceae (gut bacteria) include Escherichia coli and Salmonella

Pseudomonas fluorescens (bacteria f o r serious blood infections)

Pseudomonas aeruginosa (f o r damage respiratory system, immune system)

Mycoplasma incognitus Fermetens (t = ö dliche Gulf War illness)

Source: Educate yourself and enter 7.1  

Officially adopted and published programs of the UN and WHO declare as an objective, the number of people by 2050 to reduce some billion. End of quote.


The terminus of the apocalyptic future:

RFID – the apocalyptic character, has many names that are true: The man of glass, the Trojan Horse (brain – and glandular manipulation), the character that goes under the skin (implant in the body) or The sword inside (sword inside – Harakiri ) because it does not change from the outside, but the inside center hits, namely the ego or soul.


The goal of the NWO with their king, the Antichrist (order: Soul Capture) is to create the world a tight network of frequency machines, which omits no gap and ultimately in the form of RFID – transverse implant through our body, so we have a remote frequenzmanipulierte robot society without identity. Program of the Committee of 300:

Point 4: The Establishment of mind control techniques with the aim to create human robots that respond to external stimuli and control.

Item 14: to push and mind control on the spread of religious cults such as the Muslim Brotherhood or the Sikhs – perform experiments, similar as did Jim Jones in his camp in Jonestown (Guyana) prior to command the 900 his Peoples Temple followers killed or were killed (1978).

Source: The Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, Dr. John Coleman

In addition, we will be (zwangspsychiatriert in the psychiatric and already in retirement homes () to “immobilize” the problem people according to plan by medication yesterday, the outspoken and the unspoken word -. Speak the thoughts are audible (= mind control / communication from a . central nervous system to the other) the appropriate device to the Maser – apparatus (stationed in the control center), ie, it is reasonable to assume that one can not assume smuggle in thought (as in the Nazi period was not possible by yourself ” arranged “) when the NWO is installed with their king, but that you may already be eligible for thoughts behind bars. This fact is in the movie Minority Report, very clearly, even if it’s just science fiction, so it’s a grain of truth or is it more …

Generally is not data collection (eg the account balance) or the GPS – Tracking in the foreground, but the intention mass of implant-makers to make a remote controlled puppet army without their own (free) will, to the lemmings are equal to death or the madness expires.

This comes in the wake of the discussion of the topic Mind Control from the previous lines very clearly expressed (CIA – confession), or by inducing fictive fake phantom diseases (collapse of the immune system) or the emotional manipulation (= manipulation of brain waves, neurotransmitter activity and glands, pineal gland). using frequencies that can put everyone in any emotional state, including hearing voices And if that is not enough, you can see the memories and experiences of soldiers in war or other horrible events and feeling states stored in the consciousness and in the perception of RFID – feed carrier, which has nothing to do with hallucinations (these arise separately when the microwaves in the head cause metabolic problems and toxins = poisons cause halos).

Possible counterargument:

How did Such microwaves (low frequencies) or as a tiny grain of rice called RFID should have such massive or dramatic effects on the mind and body? From the logical point of view, a virus (also in the micro range) of the mass of an elephant never harm you if you the weight (mass) of both forms of life with one another, but we already know that, for example Ebola is fatal after two weeks. So it is possible to bring an elephant to the ground, things may seem like small independent causes. The RFID – chip, however, is a frequency machine at the nanoscale and at any time be used as a weapon, whether that application is selectively limited to a single person or put an entire city in fear.

Source: God’s warning

Thus, all the chip carrier are lost, with which one can not count, but above all by a commitment to the Antichrist (the beast), see Apocalypse (last chapter of the Bible). Precisely, it’s not about the data ABOUT a person, but to one person IN. the size of a small creature can not be scared out of course, but one would back a fly the size of a living room wallpaper, then one would consider the term monster with hair as true – just as it is with the RFID – chip.


Jesus the Seer Jennifer: The day will come when you will all scratched and numbered.


Satellite television: It can be assumed with certainty that the global waste our hard-earned TV – devices had a specific reason, namely us to present a completely new technique: Any device with a carrier frequency (similar to the fundamental frequency of a radio, is modulated onto the music ) can be superimposed with an arbitrary frequency band that is not audible, while the viewer as nothing gets inside the flat screens to Face: microphone, wireless transmitter, Frequency machine (awareness deficit through hypnosis) and a Brain – Wave – Receiver features (receiving device for brain waves) the reaction patterns, so that each spectator to a test subject for mind control is (effect of information and events of the TV – appliance measurable and visible).

The logistic recording of brain activity goes with the milking of the viewers consciousness associated (collecting the energy in a central – battery), this hypnosis-like state is perceived as a passive rest.

The electric corporations (such as General Electric) are part of the NWO – Plan – see the map of power (international economic relations). It is possible to superimpose on the presence of the fundamental frequency of each of frequency bands arbitrarily apparatus (so-called modulation), which is similar to a regular stacking floors on a foundation.


TV – show with several mind control – examples (hypnosis at the touch, foreign thoughts are pronounced as their own, etc.) – keep the people in the audience never for comedians!

Satan Mind Control – the key to the truth:

Satan’s deception of artificial hypnosis = TV and cinema:

Importance of popular culture in the NWO:

Patrick Flanagan: Listening through the skin – the neurophone:

Jesse Ventura visits Dr. Begich: hearing without ears – the proof

Hearing voices healthy people:


Frequency Terror

Summary of Ruth Gill

Strasbourg 22 – 23 June 2009:

In June 2009 June EU demonstrated – citizens from the European Council and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg against torture with electronic distance weapons that has been used for many years in secret against countless innocent citizens of the EU and people around the world. These crimes are taking place with the knowledge of the responsible politicians are from the international military secret – organized and safety services and committed in their mission of criminal gangs and recruited “free” employees. Intelligence agencies around the world use these methods, it is known to the Stasi used, and the secret NATO – Member States commit these crimes as under the direction of CIA and MI6 against countless citizens of the EU. Presumably there is a follow-up program of Gladio, the secret terrorist army of NATO, which has been proven to be responsible for many bloody attacks in the second Half of the 20th Century were committed in Europe.
The targets of the electronic terror are people of all ages. Preferred target groups are older single women, critical intellectuals, people with alternative lifestyles, minorities, the sick, outsider, etc. It is a phased program, starting with concealed manipulation of “Psycho correction” to the permanent electric torture brutal way with the result untold suffering for the victims. The electronic processing is combined with targeted contamination of the target persons with toxins and pathogens that influenza infections, gastro – intestinal disorders, inflammation of the nervous system, cause, etc.. So that victims are kept in a permanent state of artificially induced infirmity that is designed to demonstrate the victim, without the true causes were detected sooner or later bring about death (cancer). It includes both secret human experiments for testing and further development of B -, C – and E – Weapons of the spectrum of so-called “non-lethal” weapons, as well as a comprehensive measure of political intimidation, surveillance and control of the population. Other pillars of the program are technical sabotage, stable psychological harassment (stalking), criminalization, psychiatric treatment, care process, libel and slander, with the aim of destroying the material and social existence of the victims, to isolate them, to demoralize and make it credible. The apartments of the victims are transformed into veritable concentration camp by the target persons are exposed there by electronic ranged weapons from the neighborhood. Here are frequency – modulation, in particular the ultrasonic range, use that have proven to be highly effective to manipulate the body, mind and psyche and damage. It works with intensities that no one can imagine who has not experienced firsthand. Over 900 testimonies of victims from around the world who demonstrate these facts are under for download on the Internet.


Example England

It was discovered that the security police of England as MI5 use the 450 Hz frequency to the behavioral control for this research (for police operations allowed by law). A vast catalog of mind control frequencies in the MHz – range, FM radio – television and radio phone frequencies were measured, which are used in the UK for mind control and killing or fighting inability machung of victims: 147, 153, 197, 199 , 447, 453, 456, 466, 853, 883, 884, 887th . . Mhz. Then there are the corresponding modulated ELF – waves. Symptoms may include: depression, confused thinking, memory loss, stress, inability to do something, manic behavior, schizophrenia, nervous breakdowns, physical collapses, damage to the brain and nerves, heart attacks, cancer. . . etc. Source:


Frequency lists


20 Hz: thoughts other than their own perceived (such as pedophilia frequency)

10, 8: Rebellious behavior, 7 Hz: significant changes in brain function

between 7, 83 (Schumann earth frequency) and 25 Hz: relaxation

25 to 30 Hz: new information is added, high energy level, happiness, stimulation

35 Hz to varying from 1 to 40 Hz: Creativity

12 Hz to 5-12 Hz: creativity / learning

16 Hz to 7-32 Hz: Energy


Wave spectrum: ULF: 1 – 30 Hz / ELF: 30 – 300 / VLF: 300 Hz – 30 Hz kilo / LF: 30 kHz – 300 kHz high frequency (radio frequency) 10 kilo Hz – 300 Hz Giga

Alpha – waves (8-12 Hz) occur in relaxed wakefulness, as in meditation or just before falling asleep or just after waking

Beta – Waves (1 3 – ​​20 Hz) predominate in the normal waking state

Theta – waves (4-7 Hz) are characteristic of the dream sleep.

Delta – waves (1-3 Hz) are characteristic of deep dreamless sleep and comatose states

Impact of Cell Phone Towers (Cell phone towers)

Health complaints

observed in the context of pulsed transmission technique, or were noted in scientific studies:

Nervous symptoms: headaches and insomnia, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and depression, irritability.

Behavioral problems in children such as hyperactivity and aggressiveness, learning disorders (similar to ADS syndrome), Cry-Babies, growth – and developmental disorders.

Arrhythmias and high blood pressure

Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and dizziness (circulatory problems)

Eye irritation and blurred vision

Blood disorders, especially in children: The red blood cells do not mature out more fully. Therefore, they are only partially able to transport oxygen = anemia-like symptoms (anemia)

Rouleaux formation, ie clumping of red blood cells, increasing the risk of thrombosis.

Deterioration of all pre-existing conditions is possible

    Cancer, especially brain tumors

Research findings on the effect of pulsed radiation:

    Damage to the genetic material (DNA – Fractions)

Disruption of cell communication

Influences the central nervous system – opening of the blood-brain barrier: poison – and foreign substances and pathogens can thus easily penetrate from the bloodstream into the brain.

EEG – changes in sleep

Reduce the learning capacity

Decline in memory performance

Weakening of the immune system

Adverse effects of the hormonal system, reducing the tax hormone melatonin

Increased risk of cancer

Tendency to infertility, birth defects and irregularities in pregnancy

Heart – Circulation – disorders

Changing the reaction time, slowing the brain skills

Significant deterioration of the response and the speed of change in attention (important in traffic)

  • The pulsed radiation from DECT phones and wireless – devices (wireless) penetrates thick concrete walls – and, of course, thin skull bones!

Source: Dänels little side-notes

Microwaves – Effects:

Pain in the head and the eyes, vomiting, fatigue, general weakness, dizziness, irritability, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, stress, inhibition of intellectual functions, brain metabolism, decreased memory and cancer.

Australian scientists proved in 1997 that the smallest amount of microwaves that are emitted from the safest mobile phones trigger cancer in mice.

Prof. Franz Adlkofer had become known to the world REFLEX – proved that already in GSM – study (2004, funded by the European Union, 2000) – Mobile damage to our genetic material (DNA) and can cause so increase the risk of cancer. 2007 warned the German physician and university teachers to guard against the dangers of the new UMTS – standards whose introduction he criticized as “uncontrolled and unplanned field trial of the man.” Franz Adlkofer: “DNA – strand breaks already occur at one fortieth of the limit. UMTS – signals that are almost ten times as genschädigender GSM signals. “

Destroyed Brains

From the Bürgwerwelle Switzerland
“Professor Leif Salford, the Swedish neurosurgeon Lund University:” Our research shows that radiation from mobile phones opens the blood-brain barrier and makes it easier to so many toxins to enter the brain dissected rat brains as a result of the show. Cell phone radiation clearly visible traces on. The brains are covered with dark spots and significantly damaged. occurs from liquid caused precisely by this electromagnetic radiation. drugs and other pollutants that would otherwise not come through this barrier, now find the unobstructed direct path to uneinschätzbaren brain with consequences. “

Professor Salford (2003): “With this study we set for the first time evidence that non-thermal microwave exposure causes damage to the neurons.”
A 2008 study confirmed this result. For young people, especially children, it is even more dangerous than adults to be exposed to such radiations, because their central nervous system is not fully developed. Phone manufacturers and network operators will however persevere until now the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation in question.
Have economic interests take precedence over the
? Health “Answer: Yes!

Books about mind control:

The story of Cathy O’Brien OL, Mark Phillips.

Here the following title is deliberately used instead of the word transformation:
The Trance Formation of America: The True Life Story of a CIA – slave under Mind – Control
On 3 August 1977 opened the 95th U.S. – Congress hearings on the documented abuse – situations in the context of a classified as TOP SECRET investigation of the CIA program called MK Ultra. 8 February 1988 was one of the victims, Cathy O’Brien, by the intelligence – free government program – insider Mark Phillips from their enslavement by the Mind – Control. For seven years, the two tried to take their case to court, but they were stopped for “national security reasons”.


“Hypnosis, mind control, manipulation: Mind Control by split personality”
of psychologist Dr. Hans Ulrich Greschendorf
Short description, LINK

Psychologist Dr. Hans Ulrich Greschendorf prescribes the procedure of the previously effective form of brainwashing: Mind Control by split personality. Produce the perpetrators, beginning in early childhood, by torture, drugs, hypnosis, electroshock, sensory deprivation and other methods of psychology and psychiatry, to create an artificial multiple personality disorder and train the resulting pseudo – personalities. The RTL II Science magazine “W orld of miracles” with the two-hour SPECIAL: “Brainwash – Does the total mind control?” Now has “World of Wonders” included research again and spoke with experts on mind control. The inhumane experiments were really finished? The Nuremberg Diploma – Psychologist Dr. Hans – Ulrich Greschendorf has dealt extensively with this issue. “Brainwashing – Methods for the purposes of CIA – research program” MK – Ultra “have long since been an integral part of military and intelligence practice torture followed today is not primarily aim to force people through physical and psychological torture to extract confessions, but also their personality. break and turn it “original. RTL II


“Enslaved brains. Consciousness control and behavior modification”
by Heiner Gehring († 2004 cancer by radiation)

Description: This book is devoted to a theme, but at the same time is highly explosive, deeply frightening, the influence of human consciousness. Those who believed so far that the study of so-called Mind – Control – methods is still in its infancy, you are wrong. Full of interesting examples shows how far the investigations have progressed and what is behind these perfidious developments. The author based on reliable sources and quotes from the minutes of the military, intelligence agencies and governments.
Customer Review: In this book, Heiner Gehring gives an overview of the techniques of Mind Control (Mind Control). He explained vividly in the many outrageous examples (propaganda in the media, brainwashing, sublimale advertising, behavioral control by electromagnetic fields and influence of thinking through microwaves).
Gehring clarifies what lies behind the concept of mind control, and places more emphasis on thorough research as spectacular conspiracy theories.
This book warns of the dangers for all of us freedom of the modern slave owners. For the first time here also discussed Mind Control in Germany, with emphasis not only on the United States. Whom his personal freedom is important, the must have read this book.

The title is certainly alarming, but quite true the facts. Gehring has fully busy with what methods the brain and entire populations can be manipulated. Many decades the world powers operate extensive research here, and today’s frightening possibilities go far. The experiments with drugs and forced – medication, awareness influence on electromagnetic waves, implants, electric shocks, and the detailed procedure during a brainwashing read in places utterly horrible – here personalities are destroyed and completely reprogrammed. Gehring shows that such tests are carried out to this day: It is often reported by people naturally try to soldiers, prisoners and hospital inmates.
The second major focal point of the propaganda methods by which whole populations are controlled. The necessary co-ordination and control of the mass media is largely nonexistent today. The Information – Overflow (stimulus abundance) the individual perceives hardly that certain information / exaggerated missing or corrupted. As examples in the German media Gehring called the displaced foreigner problem, the lump-sum “eternal guilt of the Germans” and the denigration of critical opinions as “right-wing”. Ultimately, all of today’s consumer society, with its senseless brands – be seen industry (= obvious influence) Almost everyone considers only the others to manipulate – – fetishism, obsession with beauty and consumption up to over-indebtedness as a success of the huge advertising. The “Boys It – Ef effect “- a false sense of security, which makes even more vulnerable.
Gehring’s research is very sound, and he cites in his extensive bibliography for the most part on official documents accessible from Psychology – Publications and the military. This book clarifies and sharpens the mind.
† 2004 Heiner Gehring “


Journey into Madness (journey into madness), by Gordon Thomas (Bantam Books)

CIA – The Honorable Company (the honorable society) by Brian Freemantle (Futura Books)

Psychic Warfare – Fact or Fiction, edited by John White (The Aquarian Press)

The Search for the “Manchurian Candidate” by John Marks (Times Books)

“Zaubergesang – Frequencies for weather – and thought control”   from Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf


Movies and Links

Mass manipulation

Satan Mind Control – the key to the truth

Importance of popular culture in the NWO

Professional soccer player takes out! Football is mass hypnosis truth about politicians

Patrick Flanagan: Listening through the skin – the neurophone:



If you absolutely takes in all areas of life, the whole system can be under the sign of this power as Mind Control – consider project, which is pervasive and ultimately has nothing to do with human interests. The character starts in our childhood, running about education and consumer behavior to the food that is on the plate., The devil is in the detail, says an old proverb.

To bring it to a point:
What do we take – without questioning it?

What is already known from the eighties has been proven is the following: The cosmetics industry uses for the anti-wrinkle creams substances from embryos aborted children, is also part of mind control (change in consciousness).

Mind control is closely linked with diabolical interests, to the interests of the NWO join (= collective mind control), the (prepared) and gradually the company palatable prepared, but also the issue of money (often seems to be more valuable than a human life ) and the Codex Alimentarius Link (worthless and genetically modified food to weapons transformed) are important players and crucial factors in this fatal mechanism with the deception Antichrist
(Refer to the book of Daniel and Revelation: / maria / ….html )
and the False Prophet ends. But these apocalyptic figures are only the most recent stockings by Satan and must play. Only then it’s over with terror and lies on the mental – emotional level. Even though we seem to have a preponderance of actors to do it with all its technological bells and whistles, so ultimately, there is one person behind it, namely, God’s adversary, Satan, that old serpent, like a puppeteer act people like demons than his puppets leaves. Mind Control – the last Poss Sasse of evil.


But what can we do?

Strengthening of human consciousness and faith (strong attachment to God) through prayer (the rosary has the largest effect), but also adherence to the immutable basic knowledge of the Bible (= the word of God through the Prophet). Remain true to its ideals and values ​​through the living memory of himself (who I am and what I want?) And own decisions (let nothing specified). Resistance (resistance and protection through the mantle of Mary = tanks), also using medals, scapular and holy water. There are also too technical protection facilities in N. Willingness to learn and wakefulness in the sense of truth (education and information, not all believe)

Knowledge and awareness (be aware of this reality and this danger). Not permit evil (free will is not controllable), but the principle strengthen love in God our Father.


Only with love and together we can help these forces,
who want to rule us and abusing defeat.
Cathy O’Brien, mind control victims.

The only chance against Mind Control is
to be aware that it exists,
the RFID chip is also known as brain implant possible.

Who the race against the RFID – Chip wants to win,
Do not even accept it.
Do not believe in the spirit of the Antichrist,
even if it occurs as the Messiah,
because Jesus says: I appear not in flesh.  

Ask and it shall be given.